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Not Just Living Room, Red Color Kitchen Set is Elegant Also!

Not everyone dare to apply red color to decorate space. When you dream of radiating bright shades at home but afraid to color the house with red, then you can try to play in the furniture.

Red furniture can represent the desire to have a room that dominated by colors that are identical to the sexy and bold impression.

Let’s try to steal some ideas from the red furniture below :

Kitchen set

Red color gives drama elements from every room, no exception in the kitchen. This red kitchen set can stimulate your appetite. You can still enjoy the red color without having to paint the kitchen with red paint.

Dining set

You do not need to paint the dining room to be all red, just replace the dining chair, with a red bench. Neutral colors combined with red will turn the space.


It is necessary to have one furniture that is striking in a room so that the room does not wither. Choosing a red storage to store stuff is a smart idea.


This little retro design of sofa is not only a bright look, but it gives the impression of quirky in your room. Nothing cooler than the two advantages that exist on this sofa.

There are many things we can do with red for our room, which one will you try?

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